In 1984, a group of friends from northern Massachusetts and New Hampshire, frustrated with the lack of opportunites to play cricket in that part of New England, decided to form a cricket team. Their intention was simply to join the Massachusetts State Cricket League in order to play a regular schedule of games over the course of the summer. Thus the predecessor of the Commonwealth Cricket Club, the Nashoba Valley Cricket Club, was born.

The members, most of whom had not played competitive cricket for some time, practiced on a tennis court in Nashua until they felt confident enough to apply for membership in the MSCL. For the next two years, the NVCC played on various grounds that were available on a daily basis, mostly in the Boston area, before finding what they hoped to be a permanent home at the Pepperel High School. This was the home ground for the NVCC from 1986 to 1989 and during that period of time had a moderate degree of success in the league, finishing the season with a 5-5 record on two occasions.

Due to reasons beyond the control of the club, access to the Pepperel ground was lost in 1989. In the meantime, since most of the new members joining the club were from the greater Boston area, it was decided that a new home should be found closer to Boston. The name of the club was changed from the more geographically restrictive Nashoba Valley designation to the Commonwealth Cricket Club to reflect its closer membership ties to the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

For one year thereafter, another cricket team in Lynn agreed to share their ground with the C.C.C and, at the end of the 1990 season, a more permanent solution was found when the Fessenden School in West Newton agreed to let Commonwealth C.C make use of one of their unused fields up until such time that the school could find the resources to develop the ground for use by the students.

From 1991 to 1993 Commonwealth played in West Newton and over the next three years the club grew at a tremendous rate. Membership has increased from fifteen three years ago to over fifty today. With the increased in numbers, came a marked improvement in the quality of cricket played by the team. The record of the club in MSCL games in 1991 was 2 games won and 11 lost. By 1993, that had improved to 10 wins and 6 losses, the best record ever for the club. For the 1994 season, the team moved to new grounds at the Davis School in Bedford. And then in 1994/1995 the team moved to the VA Hospital Grounds in Bedford, which has remained the home ground since then. The VA grounds boast newer facilities including an artificial grass wicket laid in place of the old clay wicket in 2000, with plans to improve the nets facilities and a newer wicket soon.

Commonwealth Cricket Club continues to attract some of best cricketers from Boston and Greater Boston area and the club continues to deliver great performances consistently every year. Commonwealth Cricket Club also aims to create awareness and encourage youth and school students to particpate and learn the game of cricket in the Greater Boston area.