Club Administration

**Please Note:
To form email addresses, use the appropriate email alias below and add “” to it.

Executive Committee
Names Office Phone Email Alias
Yassir Chaudhry President 508-523-4011 prez
Anmol Wassan Vice-President 508-736-1884 vprez
Gopinath Chari Secretary 508-826-1352 sec
Yashas Joshi Treasurer 864-804-9696 dues
Sumanth Kedilaya Club Manager 315-450-2395 mgr

You can send an email to the entire executive committee using the alias exec

Other Officers
Name Office Phone Email Alias
Yashas Joshi Web Master 864-804-9696 website
Yashas Joshi Statistician 864-804-9696 stats
Selection Committee*
Name Phone Email Alias

*Please refer to the Selection Policies document for more details about team/squad selection.

You can send an email to the entire selection committee using the alias select

Infrastructure Committee
Name Phone Email Alias
Fazal Alam 508-265-4035 acap
Muhund Chandramohan
806-392-7056 bcap
Muhund Chandramohan 806-392-7056 mgr

The main purpose of this committee is to coordinate and organize all the infrastructure issues of the club such as rehabilitation of grounds, taking stock of equipment, thinking of about future in terms of ground repair to organizing of new matting etc.

You can send an email to the entire infrastructure committee using the alias infra