Club Constitution


(Approved at the Annual General Meeting: March 8, 2008)

  1. The name of the Club shall be The Commonwealth Cricket Club.
  2. The colors of the Club shall be Royal Blue and Gold.
  3. Persons that exhibit an appropriate appreciation for the sport and the traditions of cricket shall be eligible for membership to Commonwealth Cricket Club. Membership and other privileges shall be subject to the discretion of the Executive Committee.
  4. The Executive Committee of Commonwealth Cricket Club shall consist of a President, Vice-President, Club Manager, Treasurer, Secretary any four (4) of whom shall form a quorum. These officers shall be elected at each Annual General Meeting.
  5. The selection of Captains, Vice-Captains and the teams shall be performed as outlined in the Selection Policies document, and shall take into account the membership status of individual players.
  6. The annual subscription, due by May 1st of each year, and the match-fees, shall be determined from time to time by the Committee. Members shall be notified of any change prior to the commencement of the season.
  7. No reimbursement greater than $50 shall be made to any member for any expense on behalf of the Club unless both the President and the Treasurer have given prior approval. The Treasurer shall keep full records of all transactions, and present a Statement of accounts at each Annual General Meeting.
  8. Responsibilities of the officers of the Club will include but not be limited to the attached descriptions.
  9. No alteration to these rules may be made except at the Annual General Meeting or at an Extraordinary General Meeting convened for that purpose. Members shall have fourteen (14) days notice of General Meetings, the Secretary using his best endeavors to ensure that the notice contains details of any major items to be discussed.
  10. The Executive Committee shall appoint the Club Liaison, Public Relations Officer, Nets Manager, Web Master, Statistician, Infrastructure Committee, Selection Committee and any other officers that the club deems necessary.
  11. In the case and Executive Committee member is unable or unwilling to complete their term in office, the Executive Committee shall appoint a replacement person to discharge the duties up to the next Annual General Meeting.
  12. The Annual General Meeting shall be held each year before the start of that years’ season (early Spring) and Annual Club Dinner to be held after the end of that years’ season (mid Fall).


(Approved at the Annual General Meeting: March 8, 2008)

1) President
Oversee the needs/Coordinate to make certain that others are on the ball. Find replacements if needed and set the direction of the club, long term goals etc.

2) Vice President
Help the President where necessary.

3) Secretary
Coordinates all internal club related administration needs: Organize the AGM; Organize the Club’s Annual Dinner, Correspond regularly with members; Maintain mailing lists; General club correspondence.

4) Treasurer
Maintain accurate records of the financial situation of the club; File necessary documentation with the IRS; Submit financial reports.

5) Club Manager
Coordinate all cricket related activities internal to the Club: Make certain that individual cricketing interests and responsibilities of each member are looked after by organizing i) non-league/friendly matches, ii) tours, iii) tournaments and iv) visits; Coordinate purchase / repair of cricket equipment with Team Captains / Net Manager; Ensure a sufficient supply of cricket balls for each game and for nets.

6) Nets Manager
Coordinate the set up, running, coaching, and clean up at the weekly nets and maintain nets cricket equipment/kit.

7) Club Liaison
Coordinates all cricket related activities external to the Club. Contact and coordinate use of the ground and liaise with the recreation department of the town (VA Hospital Grounds, Bedford). Also, the Club Liaison is the point person for all matters with regards to the league (MSCL).

8 ) Webmaster
Maintains the website of the Club. In addition, will update regularly practice schedules and cancellations, update match schedules (league and non-league) and post results and scorecards of the matches.

9) Statistician
Maintains all cricket related statistics of the club and its members.

10) Team Selection Committee
Appointed by the Executive Committee to coordinate the selection process of the various teams in the Club (First XI, Second XI, Touring XI and Tournament teams).

11) Infrastructure Committee
Appointed by the Executive Committee to coordinate and organize all the infrastructure issues of the club such as rehabilitation of grounds, taking stock of equipment, thinking of about future in terms of ground repair, organizing of new matting etc.

12) Team Captains
Manage all aspects of the team; Assist in selecting the squad as part of the selection committee; manage team on the field before, during and after the game; collect match fees; submit electronic scorecard for each game to the Web Master & Statistician.

13) Team Vice-Captains
Assist the Team Captains

14) Public Relations Officer
In coordination with the Club Manager, organize social gatherings for members to participate.